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Very experienced event management, administration and promotion people with a No Nonsense – Can Do approach.
We know sales, marketing, finance, software and video.
We ‘tell it as it is’ and don’t waste your time or money but we do like coffee and a chat – so give us a call on +44 (0)1663 308 250

01. Our Approach

No Nonsense – Can Do and Not a Problem sums up our approach to event support services

02. Solutions

We have the software and the right people to make your event work the way you need, on time and within budget

03. Supportive

You’re the face of your event – we’re the back room team making it happen. Whenever and whatever – the show must go on


Why are we called Telaman?

Telaman comes from the blending of two words. Tela is a Latin word that means a tessellation or pattern, a plan, a design, the warp in a fabric and Man is another word for People.

Telaman weaves together and provides a planed solution of event software, video and people to help achieve your events goals and sucessfully complete your strategic business plan.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Forty years of experience coupled with the boundless enthusiasm and can do attitude of our younger team members.

We can’t claim 100% satisfaction because we must have upset someone somewhere – we just havn’t found them yet. 


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What We Do Best

Save you money

We don’t waste your money on gimmicks – we give you what you need to make it work

Know your business

Been there and eaten the tee shirt – you save time by not needing to explain how events work

We keep in touch

Information is available 24 /7 contact us when you need to.

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